Tianjin Hanyang 2018 Summer Fire Exercise

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Tianjin Hanyang 2018 Summer Fire Exercise


In order to enable workshop employees to understand the basic knowledge of fire fighting, improve their safety awareness, enhance their self-protection ability, master the skills of emergency response and escape to sudden fires, learn to use various fire fighting equipment and orderly evacuation of personnel and property, and ensure the safety of employees' lives and workshop property, on may 8, 2018, director Hao jianjun of the production department and director sun Dongran of the workshop organized fire fighting knowledge training and drills.

At 3 p.m., the exercise officially began. It is assumed that there is a fire in a head outside the workshop, which tends to spread to the surrounding area. Fire commander in the fire immediately after the detection of combat orders. Personnel of all departments work together. The fire extinguishing team uses the dry powder fire extinguisher in the fire cabinet in the workshop to put out the fire at the initial stage. The water supply team uses the fire hydrant in the production workshop to connect the fire hose. After 15 minutes of joint efforts by each group, the "fire" was extinguished and the exercise ended smoothly.

Through this fire drill, not only the awareness of fire prevention and disaster prevention of all employees was exercised, but also the operation methods and procedures of general fire fighting equipment were mastered, which further improved the employees' ability to respond to sudden fires.



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