August Monthly Summary

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 August Monthly Summary

From August, we jointly and deeply studied and understood the essence of Hanyang Heavy Industry's corporate culture, laying the foundation for better embodying the Hanyang spirit in our work in the future. The company had the honor to invite teacher Wang and consultant Li of ideological power company to the scene to guide and help.

Starting from August 12, Hanyang officially launched the cultural clock-in activity of "cultivating one's body and making six advances,. It has been 20 days so far. A total of 675 punches were made in 20 days, with a total reward of 627 points for love and 68 points for brands. Poster publicity praise 12 cases.

Through this period of clock-in, we deeply understand the six advances in learning and sharing, and slowly practice and implement the corporate culture. In this process, many excellent cases have emerged. The following areMonthly Outstanding Award in AugustList of personnel:

Cost Control Star

Technology Research Star

Optimized Saving Star

Star of Procurement Negotiation

Star of Good Heart

Star of production safety, love and dedication star, love the company as a star of home

The first foreman


The above are the awards selected by the company for the 20-day clock-in activity and schedule performance in August. We will continue to conduct monthly performance and quarterly evaluations in the future. I hope everyone can make persistent efforts, continue to work hard, and make more outstanding achievements in daily work, learn from each other, and grow and progress together! I also hope that more benchmark cases and exemplary deeds will emerge, and we will join hands to create a better tomorrow!

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