Innovation and Struggle to Achieve the Future-Tianjin Hanyang 15th Anniversary Celebration Ends Perfectly

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On January 8, 2020, Tianjin Hanyang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. solemnly held the 15th anniversary summary and commendation meeting of Tianjin Hanyang with the theme of "Innovation and Striving to Achieve the Future" at the Xiaogulin Hotel in Dagang, Tianjin. Company leaders, all employees and special guests gathered together to celebrate the 15th birthday of Tianjin Hanyang and seek common future development.


This activity is divided into six parts: leaders' speech, review of the company's development history, recognition of outstanding employees, program performance, lucky draw and dinner. First of all, Chairman Li Heli made an opening speech for the celebration; then General Manager Wang Famin summarized the company's operation in 2019, fully affirmed the achievements of the past year, and elaborated on the company's development plan for the next three years. In the recognition of outstanding employees, a total of 70 outstanding individuals (including 39 for 10 years of loyalty service award and 15 years of loyalty award) and 5 groups of outstanding teams were commended. The program performance and lucky draw are also brilliant and bright.


Innovation and hard work to achieve the future --- Tianjin Hanyang's 15th anniversary celebration came to an end in a festive, peaceful and warm atmosphere. May all employees of Tianjin Hanyang join hands to challenge the new future and create a better tomorrow with wisdom!










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