2020 Hanyang Heavy Industries ASME Replacement Work Successfully Completed

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From June 2 to June 3, ASME headquarters appointed Mr. Zhang Deyin as the head of the joint inspection team, AIS chief inspector Pei Baoliang and AI authorized inspector Liu Quanguo as the team members to carry out the joint inspection of ASME replacement.
The Joint Inspection Unit conducted a comprehensive and systematic joint inspection of us in two stages. The first stage is mainly to review the manual; the second stage is the on-site audit stage, mainly to see the operation of our company's quality assurance system, and from the design, materials, welding, non-destructive testing, forming demonstration, measurement and other aspects of our company to carry out a comprehensive and detailed audit. The joint inspection is mainly carried out by consulting the manual, questioning the responsible person, checking the records and on-site inspection. At the last meeting on the afternoon of June 3, Mr. Zhang Deyin informed our company that the quality assurance system was operating normally and all aspects of work were in place, with only two non-conformities. We have timely rectified and corrected the non-conformance and formulated corresponding preventive measures. Team Leader Zhang recommended our company to obtain ASME certification and congratulated our company on behalf of the JIU.
On behalf of the company, General Manager Wang Famin expressed his gratitude to the JIU for its hard work. He said that the work of the Joint Inspection Unit is fully affirmed, and we will be based on reality and carry out it in a practical and sustained manner. In addition, the new standards need to be slowly understood and absorbed in the work. I hope that the engineers of various systems will strengthen their study, actively practice, and promote the work standards more in place.





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