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Hanyang Heavy IndustriesEquipment Manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.Pay attention to the implementation of social responsibility, clearly established the social responsibility is the obligation of civilized units. This report fully reflects the performance of Hanyang Heavy Industries in2021In the year, the management mechanism was improved, the operation process was standardized, and the internal control system was improved; the work done in fulfilling social responsibilities such as economic responsibility, employee responsibility, customer responsibility, environmental responsibility, and public responsibility.

Basic Information of 1. Company

 Hanyang Heavy Industry Equipment Manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.Located in Huangtai Industrial Park, Xiaozhan Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin, with a registered capital of RMB0.18 billionYuan, fixed assets0.2 billionYuan, is a familyChina Fixed Pressure Vessel Rules Design,Class A1 Large High Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Qualification,United StatesASME "U" Stamping Qualification,European UnionPED directive CE certification product qualification of pressure equipment manufacturing enterprises.

 The company focuses on petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, food and medicine, environmental protection engineering and other industries, and has the ability to contract pressure vessels of various materials, including storage tanks, heat exchangers, reactors, and tower equipment. It is a qualified supplier of CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Sinochem Chemical Group and other units.After years of rapid development and technological transformation,At present, the company occupies80 mu (53280 ㎡), with a construction area of 28240 ㎡, builtFiveThe main workshop and the corresponding supporting facilities.Among them, the heavy riveting factory building is 5265 ㎡, equipped with two-story crane, equipped with 10t, 32t, 75t,150t,200tCranesTotal9Table, maximum lifting capacity300t, lifting height 18mLight riveting workshop4680 ㎡, maximum lifting capacity40t, lifting height 12mIndependent stainless steel plant4680 ㎡, maximum lifting capacity 40t, lifting height 12m; It is also equipped with a blanking plant and a large material storage and transfer warehouse.4680 .

To meet the pressure vessel productionDetection and inspectionNeed, workshopEquippedlarge heat treatment furnace15000mm X 4500mm x 4000mmOneTaiwanOne sandblasting and painting room; large flaw detection room24000mm x 8000mm x 5000mmOne, maximum thickness for flaw detection100mm; Large plate bending machine, maximum cold roll thickness160mm; largeTypeVertical car, processing diameter up5000mm; Also equippedHigh-speed internal cooling of heat exchanger tube sheet processingCNC drilling machine,For blankingDigital cutting machine(flame, plasma)A large number of special equipment, such as non-destructive testing room, chemical analysis laboratory, mechanical performance laboratory, welding laboratory and staff training center.

Scientific and strict quality management is a reliable guarantee for the production of high-quality products. At present, our company has obtainedof"Class A1, A2 Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License","A1, A2 class pressure vesselDesign License;Awarded by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers"ASME U steel seal" has passed the "GB/T19001-2016, GB/T24001-2016 and GB/T 28001-2011" standard system certification. The production process complies with the European Directive 97/23/EC for CE-certified pressure vessel products.

The company will follow the purpose of the quality policy: adhere to"Law" manufacturing, quality first, advanced technology, continuous improvement, customer first, with safe and reliable excellent products, high-quality and perfect customer service, creating "Hanyang" excellent brand.

II. Implementation of Social Responsibility

(I) Economic responsibility

  2021Year is an extraordinary year. Hanyang Heavy Industry is actively facing various challenges, capturing development opportunities and carrying forwardInnovation and hard work, unity and cooperation, fine dedication"The spirit is committed to achieving sustained growth in scale and strength, steadily improving operating efficiency, and going further towards the goal of being a benchmark enterprise in the same industry.

  1、Cost reduction and efficiency increase to win growth

The company tries its best to reduce unnecessary expenses, strictly implements cost approval, and comprehensively promotes various special tasks in terms of system construction, optimization, assessment plan, and strengthening on-site improvement, such as inventory management, invigorating funds; power improvement to reduce manufacturing costs.

  2、Strengthen internal management and improve management level

The company adheres to continuous improvement in technological innovation, quality assurance, safety, occupational health, on-site5S management and other aspects,Continue to explore the modernization path suitable for the enterprise's own governance, and effectively promote the improvement of management.

  3、Implementation of internal control compliance construction, strengthen risk prevention

The company further strengthens the construction of internal control risk system, promotes the establishment of a number of corporate governance systems, strengthens the management of procurement, investment and asset disposal, and strengthens debt, investment, law, finance,EHS and other risk investigation and prevention, around key business, important positions, key personnel to carry out special risk management. Implement the rule of law in enterprises, promote the integration of risk, internal control and compliance management, and prevent the occurrence of systemic.ofSignificant risks.

  2022The company is committed to improving the supervision system, giving full play to the role of supervision and guidance, and continuously improving the company's comprehensive management level.

(II) Employee Responsibilities                                       

Hanyang Heavy Industries firmly believes in talent strong enterprises, but also adhere to the people-oriented. AdheringThe purpose of "open, fair and just" is to build an organization that is inclusive of all rivers and is good at learning, and build a platform for employees to enhance their value.

The company currently totals230 people, includingHigh-levelManagement7 people,Marketing and Sales Staff38 people,Professional and technical personnel39 people,Professional welder personnel50 people, etc.; Master's degree accounts for 5%, undergraduate degree accounts for 15%, junior college degree accounts for 20%, including 9 senior engineers, 8 intermediate engineers and 22 junior engineers.In terms of personnel management, the company adheres to the principles of people-oriented, open, fair and just, gives full play to the intelligence of employees by creating good working conditions and enterprise environment, continuously improves the work skills of employees through internal and external training of the company, improves work efficiency, and gradually cultivates a number of employees.Professional high-quality talents.

Continuously improve the compensation and welfare system. According to the common and individual needs of all kinds of employees, combined with the results of employee performance appraisal, the company comprehensively uses cash and non-cash, short-term and long-term, material and non-material and other comprehensive compensation mechanisms to attract and retain employees to the greatest extent, stimulate employee enthusiasm, enhance employee engagement, and share the fruits of enterprise development with employees.

Carry out multi-level training projects in an orderly manner to create a high-quality talent echelon. In accordance with the requirements of personnel training, the company has carried out various forms of training according to its own strategic needs and business characteristics.

Strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, organize and carry out epidemic prevention and control supervision and inspection; focus on strengthening traffic safety publicity and education, enhance the traffic safety awareness of all employees, and protect the lives, health and safety of employees.

  2022Commitment to continue to carry out staff care activities, organize various cultural and sports activities, enhance the physical and mental health of employees.

(iii) Customer responsibility

Continuously improve product quality, the company's products in strict accordance with national or industry standards for inspection and testing, in strict accordance with the relevant internal inspection and testing requirements, the establishment of perfect inspection standards and management requirements documents, and constantly improve product quality, meet customer needs, improve customer satisfaction.

vigorously promote technological innovation,The company has invested in CNC laser cutting machine, CNC automatic milling machine and other automation equipment, through product innovation, the application of digital information, the company firmly believes thatGood quality products, will win the trust of customers.

Technological innovation is the core. The company regards independent innovation as a development strategy, and gradually increases the construction of automation and information technology to ensure that the company improves its core competitiveness in the fierce market competition.

(IV) Environmental Responsibility

While paying attention to economic benefits, the company also pays attention to the impact of enterprise development on the environment and ecology,Actively implement green management, continuously improve the ecological environment protection management system, increase investment in energy conservation and emission reduction, establish and improve a long-term mechanism for green development, and make positive contributions to environmental protection. The company continuously improves the environmental protection work by continuously improving the organization, improving the management system, increasing capital investment, strengthening supervision and inspection.

  1、We will increase investment in energy conservation and emission reduction, promote the application of new materials, new technologies, new equipment and new processes, implement energy conservation and emission reduction transformation, and improve energy utilization efficiency and pollution prevention and control level.

  2、Strengthen carbon emission control, the company conscientiously implements the country's major decisions and deployments on carbon peaks and carbon neutrality, vigorously implements energy-saving technological transformation, increases the supply and use of clean energy, and carries out afforestation.

  3、Promote green office and cultivate energy-saving and low-carbon habits.

Start from the small, pay attention to energy saving, water saving, paper saving, green travel, etc. in daily office, and create a low-carbon and environmentally friendly green office atmosphere. The company actively uses energy-saving lighting sources and controls the switch of air conditioning system according to seasonal temperature changes. Strictly monitor the water consumption in the office area, regularly check and maintain the water pipe network, reduce the phenomena of running, emitting, dripping and leaking, etc. Increase video conference system, reduce staff travel, and advocate the use of new energy vehicles.

At the beginning of each year, the environmental objectives, indicators and management plan for the current year are formulated, which puts forward the basic objectives and clear direction for the company's environmental management work this year. In order to conscientiously implement the relevant national environmental protection laws, regulations, systems and standards, protect public health, promote the construction of ecological civilization, promote the sustainable development of economy and society, and improve the awareness of environmental protection of all employees, our company organizes special training and publicity meetings on environmental protection to improve the awareness of environmental protection of all employees.

The company believes that while pursuing the maximization of economic benefits and the maximization of shareholders' interests, it will further enhance its sense of responsibility as a public company and members of society, and continue to work hard in environmental protection, resource utilization, and stakeholder harmony, and assume more Social responsibilities and obligations.

(V) partner responsibilities

In order to achieve continuous improvement, the company continuously learns, challenges itself, and shares good ideas with first-class professional institutions, industry alliances and various government departments to jointly create solutions.

  1、Actively buildThe "Industry-University-Research-Application" innovation cooperation platform, based on the principle of complementary advantages and sharing of results, introduces outstanding professional students from colleges and universities into the company to grow and develop together with the company.

2, carry outIndustry exchanges, actively participate in various activities organized by the industry; actively participate in industry exhibitions to promote industry exchanges.

  3、Respect and protection of intellectual property rights

The company continues to explore and improve the intellectual property protection system, and insists on the unity of its own rights protection and social responsibility in its work.

(VI) Public responsibility

The company has always regarded social welfare activities as an important part of corporate activities and contributed to social development. InIn the prevention and control of the epidemic in 2021, the company actively invested human and material resources in the Jinnan epidemic to contribute to the national epidemic prevention.

The company will continue to pay attention to various social trends and continue to carry out public welfare activities, so as to be truly beneficial to the society and the development of the enterprise.






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