ExxonMobil Project Exchange

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On June 9, 2022, representatives of ExxonMobil and SEI visited our company for communication and guidance. The three parties had an in-depth exchange on the HCCP project, emphasizing the importance of product quality.

Subsequently, our company reported the progress of the project, and the three parties exchanged views on the difficulties and problems encountered in manufacturing in view of the progress of the project, and stressed that on the premise of ensuring safety and product quality, we should keep a close eye on the time point, overcome difficulties, and go all out to speed up the progress of the project.

Finally, our relevant leaders led ExxonMobil, SEI and other representatives to observe the equipment manufacturing process in our workshop.

Through this exchange, the three parties reached a consensus on cooperation in many aspects, gave full play to their respective advantages in their respective fields, and aimed at common development and long-term cooperation, complementing each other's advantages, sharing resources, and seeking common development!

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