Mobil Pre-demethanizer Phased Array Inspection Technology Review Meeting

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On July 27, 2022, China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, China First Heavy Industry and Tianjin Special Inspection Institute held a phased array inspection technology review meeting with our company.

First of all, by the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute Yang Qi, director of the introduction of phased array technology characteristics and application cases.


Secondly, Chai Zhigang, executive vice president of Hanyang Heavy Industry, introduced the technical preparation work of Hanyang phased array, such as equipment structure of pre-demethanizer tower, technical preparation of phased array, personnel, testing equipment, flaw detection test blocks, etc.


Finally, the expert group made recommendations on the phased array detection technology for the pre-demethanizer of the Mobil project.


Through this study and exchange with the expert group, Hanyang heavy Industry has a deep understanding of phased array detection technology, which has laid a solid foundation for the follow-up work. Give full play to their own advantages in the field, and constantly improve the quality of technology, to provide customers with better service!

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