The ethylene distillation tower and pre-demethanizer of the Sino-scientific joint venture Guangdong refining and chemical integration project arrived at the site.

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On November 13, manufactured by Tianjin Hanyang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd., the ethylene rectifying tower T_402 and the pre-demethanizer T_302 of the over-limit equipment of the Guangdong Refining and Chemical Integration Project of Zhongke successfully arrived at the project construction site after an 11-day long journey.

It is understood that the transport plan by the use of land and sea transport. Ethylene distillation tower T_402, pre-demethanizer T_302 first by land transport to Tianjin wharf, and then by sea to Zhanjiang East Island wharf. In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of sea-land combined transportation, Tianjin Hanyang uses the most advanced transportation vehicles and ships in China to solve the problem of oversized, overweight and over-limit transportation. Tianjin Hanyang and the cooperative transportation unit carefully planned and formulated a scientific and detailed transportation plan, which laid a solid foundation for the safe arrival of the two over-limit equipment.



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