Cross-Strait Entrepreneurs Summit Spelling Smart Machinery Cooperation

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The Cross-Strait Entrepreneur Summit will build a bridge. The 2018 Cross-Strait Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Forum will be held in Zhengzhou, mainland China from April 15 to 18. The Taiwan Machinery Industry Association and the China Machine Tool Industry Association will be the promoters. In response to the China Manufacturing 2025, the cross-strait machinery industry will be the first time. Seek opportunities for cooperation on related topics such as intelligent manufacturing equipment and applications, intelligent robots and sensor applications, software and tool platform applications.


Kobaxi, chairman of the Machinery Association, pointed out that last year, the output value of Taiwan's machinery industry exceeded NT $1 trillion for the first time and reached 1.1 trillion yuan, officially joining the ranks of the trillion yuan industry. The key lies in the fact that machinery companies are competing to invest in research and development and develop Taiwan's smart machinery.


At present, orders for the second quarter of the machinery industry are not a problem. He is confident that the output value and export value of Taiwan's machinery industry this year will increase by 5%-10% compared with last year. Smart machinery and smart manufacturing are the twin engines for Taiwan's machinery industry to reach 2 trillion yuan in the future.


Kobashi said that mainland officials are making every effort to promote the Made in China 2025. The mainland proposed 20 years ago that high-speed rail should surpass Germany and catch up with Japan. Twenty years later, the mainland will build tens of thousands of kilometers of high-speed rail, surpassing Japan and Germany in Alipay and e-commerce. Once mainland officials fully implement the Made in China 2025, private enterprises will follow government policies and should not be underestimated.


Kobashi pointed out that the cross-strait entrepreneur summit was the driving force, and the machinery association issued a notice inviting member manufacturers to participate in the "cross-strait intelligent equipment manufacturing Zhengzhou forum" to be held in Zhengzhou, mainland China, from April 16 to 18. besides discussing cooperation opportunities for cross-strait machinery industry on issues related to intelligent machinery, it also visited hon hai group's Foxconn park in Zhengzhou, Henan province, and youjia group's investment in youjia park.

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