China-Korea (Wuhan) Project Mobilization

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  China-Korea (Wuhan) Project Mobilization


On June 13, the two largest over-limit equipment C_101 cutting tower and C_301 extraction distillation tower of China and South Korea (Wuhan) chemical 27000 tons/year pyrolysis gasoline extraction project manufactured by Tianjin Hanyang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd., general contractor of Sinopec Engineering Construction Company (SEI) and No.10 Refining and Chemical Engineering Construction Company arrived at the construction site smoothly and placed on the saddle smoothly, creating conditions for the next modular construction of equipment, marks the project large equipment installation is about to begin.

The 27000-ton/year pyrolysis gasoline extraction unit is a key construction project of China-Korea (Wuhan) Petrochemical Company in 2018. The C_101 cutting tower entering the site this time is 71.65 meters high, 3.4 meters in diameter and weighs 200 tons. The C_301 extraction distillation tower is 79.85 meters high, 3.4 meters in diameter and 218 tons in weight. It is the core equipment of the 27000-ton/year pyrolysis gasoline extraction project. Before the equipment entered the site, Tianjin Hanyang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd., China and South Korea (Wuhan) Petrochemical, Engineering Construction Company (SEI) and Shijian Company jointly cooperated with the transportation of large-scale equipment. In the process of transportation, through cooperation with relevant departments, we will jointly open the way for the transportation of large-scale equipment, and remove some barriers such as isolation belts and traffic lights on the roads to facilitate the transportation of vehicles to the factory area.



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