The company successfully completed the "three certificates in one" tax number change work

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  The company successfully completed the "three certificates in one" tax number change work




"Three certificates in one" refers to the combination of the three certificates of industrial and commercial business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate applied by enterprises in turn into one certificate to improve the efficiency of market access; "one license, one code" is on this basis. Further, through "one-port acceptance, parallel approval, information sharing, and mutual recognition of results", a business license loaded with a unified social credit code can be issued by one department. The reform of the registration system of "three certificates in one" and "one license and one code" is an important measure for the country to deepen the reform of the commercial system and innovate government administration.


In the change of tax number, because the taxpayer identification number is closely related to the company's issuance and collection of special VAT invoices, the change of tax number will have an impact on the company's customers and suppliers, and the company may face higher tax risks. The finance department actively communicates with the competent tax authorities to obtain the best solution by understanding the solutions and operation examples of the local tax authorities for the problems in the change process. Through efforts, the transition plan of "three certificates in one" tax number change has been determined, that is, the old and new tax numbers are related, a number of tax management software are updated, the smooth transition of the old and new tax numbers is realized, and the impact of the change of tax numbers on the production and operation activities of enterprises is reduced.

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