Eight years of brilliant past, exhibition of infinite bright future

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Ruixue is early sunny, and the winter sun is warm. With the sunny winter day, we ushered in the 8th anniversary of the establishment of the ocean.
At 16:00 p.m. on January 8, 2013, chairman Li heli and general manager Zhang Jianhua led all employees of the company to hold a grand celebration ceremony at the hotel in Dagang new district.
At the head of the table, director Wang of the company's general office personally cut nine layers of colored birthday cakes for all employees of the company. Glutinous soft sweet cake, witnessed the 8 anniversary of the birthday of the sweetness and joy.


In front of the table, Chairman Li Heli raised his glass and made a toast: Looking back on Hanyang's proud achievements in the past, thank you for your hard work and wish Hanyang a better tomorrow.
During the dinner, Chairman Li Heli and General Manager Zhang Jianhua led the company's leadership to propose a toast to the production and operation departments, technology departments, quality control departments and general offices of the company's departments one by one: thank all departments for their coordination, cooperation and close cooperation in their work; A toast to the manufacturing workshop: thank the workers for their hard work; A toast to the logistics department: thank them for providing good logistics support services for production.


Laughter and laughter, leadership and staff close interaction, dinner atmosphere high.


Eight years of glorious past, show infinite bright future, wish the ocean a better tomorrow!

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