Celebrate the success of ASME renewal

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From March 7 to March 8, 2010, the JIU team composed of ASME JIU team leaders Mr. Niu Can and Mr. AI Li Yadong conducted a careful and detailed joint inspection review of our company's quality assurance system. After reviewing the design, welding, inspection, flaw detection and process documents of the quality manual, and after inspecting the processing site, reservoir area, welding demonstration and other processes, Mr. Niu Can, head of the Joint Inspection Unit, who has always been famous for his strict examination, gave our company the highest evaluation of Perfact (perfection).

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certification body has a long history. The strictness of its system, the fairness of its standards, and the authority of certification have been globally recognized. The "U" stamp issued is currently the most authoritative and universally recognized in the world. The boiler and pressure vessel product certification certificate is the pass for the company's products to enter the international pressure vessel market. The successful passage of this joint inspection is the company's affirmation of ASME again after obtaining the U-steel seal authorization certificate for the first time on April 3, 2008.

During the entire preparation and review process, under the command of Chief Engineer Nie, all participating departments and posts worked overtime, actively prepared for the war, and worked closely while learning. In just a few months, the organization completed the rectification of technical documents such as quality manuals, procedure documents and design drawings, which laid a good foundation for the smooth passing of ASME joint inspection.

A hard work, a harvest. Through this audit, we have not only obtained the qualification of ASME "U" steel seal again, but also specially trained the team, a group of young technicians and workers, learned new knowledge and added new experience, and demonstrated their potential and talents on this broad stage.

The success of the replacement, but also for my company will open up the foreign market to create a good condition. May all employees of the company work together to achieve better results for the bright future of the ocean.


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