Compared with the game, the spirit of the game, increase friendship

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  The football match between our company and the Tianjin branch of the German Roy Group

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German Loy Group, Loy Thermal Engineering (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. has established a long-term business cooperation relationship with our company since 2005. The bell-type furnace manufactured by our company is widely distributed in Shougang and other major steel manufacturing groups in China, and exported to Germany, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries abroad.
The long-term business partnership has laid a good atmosphere for interaction between the two sides. On May 25, 2012, the weather was beautiful. After a hearty heavy rain, the first friendly football match between the two sides kicked off in the cool breeze.
As the home team's Loy Tianjin branch, although the players are slightly older, they usually train well, so they are superb in football skills. In the away team, although the age of the players is slightly dominant, the training is hasty and the ball skills need to be improved.
The race begins. The home team launched an attack, steady and not chaotic; the away team made some adjustments and took the fight calmly. Then, the young away team with vigorous vitality, step by step, the first to enter 2 goals, to 2:0 far ahead. In the second half, the home team, with a solid foundation and skillful skills, pulled back two more goals.
As time went by, sweat dropped by drop. In the end, after 90 minutes of fierce fighting, the score between the two sides was tied at 2:2.
Superb than the ball, the spirit of cooperation. It was a real friendly match. After this game, the two sides further deepened their understanding of each other outside of work and enhanced their friendship.
Nest on the way, is to better on the road. Loy and Hanyang football relay, so stay tuned.


Director Wang of the company took a photo with all the team members.

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