Jinnan District People's Government confirmed the establishment of Hanyang Technology Center

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On the morning of January 10, 2011, led by Dou Shuangju, deputy head of Jinnan District, the district economic committee, the leaders of Xiaozhan Town, and the head of Xiaozhan Town Working Committee inspected our company and listed our company's technology center.

Before the listing, an on-site report meeting was held. At the meeting, Chairman Li Heli and General Manager Zhang Jianhua reported to the district leaders the innovation and development of our company's enterprises and the development of new products and new technologies. Especially since the establishment of the new factory, we have established a first-class consciousness, strengthened enterprise management, expanded new target markets, cooperated with scientific research, design and general contracting units, and developed high-tech products, it has been well received and praised by the leaders and department heads of the district. After the report, Deputy District Chief Dou said that he was very excited after hearing this. Practical work has been carried out on the goals and plans, and he is very bold in a big factory. He eagerly proposed that the software should also keep up and pay attention to personnel training. Finally, deputy district chief Dou said: the district and town governments should actively support the development of Hanyang, continue to provide financial and other support in personnel training and new product development, and hope to be promoted to the municipal technology center within one or two years. At the same time, it also actively expressed its willingness to match the supply and demand sides and develop new markets.

According to the company's information report: A few days ago, our company set up a technical committee, implemented the organization of the technical center, formulated rules and regulations, and implemented unified leadership and management in this regard. In the future, the main task of the technology center is to engage in high-tech scientific research, new technology, new products, new process development, etc.


Company Chairman Li He Li reported to Deputy District Chief Dou


Deputy District Chief Dou and Chairman Li Heli are listed for the company.


Deputy District Chief Dou, Chairman Li Heli and General Manager Zhang Jianhua inspected the manufacturing workshop together.

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