Iranian Embassy Delegation Visits Our Company

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On November 21, 2012, Mr. Mojtaba Khayam Nekouei, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Iran, and Mr. M.H.Assareh,(ph. d.), First Secretary of the Iranian Embassy in China, paid a friendly visit to our company.

During this period, our company showed the company's main qualifications, equipment capabilities and product performance to them in the form of PPT slides.


During the subsequent workshop visit, Mr. Khayam Nekouei, deputy minister Mojtaba, was full of praise for our company's manufacturing capacity and products. he said that he was deeply touched and impressed by the visit. Mr. M.H.Assareh,(ph d), first secretary of the Iranian embassy in China, especially praised our company's manufacturing capacity of low-temperature steel containers and expressed his willingness to establish long-term cooperative relations with our company.

Finally, Chairman Li of the company took a photo with all the Iranian delegation. Mr. Khayam Nekouei, Deputy Minister Mojtaba of Science and Technology of Iran, once again thanked Chairman Li of the company for his hospitality and invited Chairman Li and General Manager Zhang of the company to visit Iraq.


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