2019 Marketing Department and Technology Department Jointly Carry out Mid-year Team Building Activities

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In order to strengthen team building and promote exchanges between new and old employees and majors in different departments, the company's marketing department and technology department jointly launched a two-day team building activity from July 6 to 7.
There are mainly Huludao Dongdai River, Qinhuangdao Jiumenkou Great Wall, wildlife park and other attractions. As well as tasting local specialties, the entire event organically combined history, humanities, beauty, and food, and won unanimous praise from all colleagues. Let employees relax and enjoy the scenery of nature after busy work.
The purpose of this team building activity is to broaden our horizons and increase our knowledge. At the same time, it is also to let employees release pressure, relax, improve team awareness, and create a development atmosphere of unity and progress in the company.



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