Tianjin Hanyang's Second 5S Summary Commendation Conference Successfully Concluded

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On the morning of October 29, 2019, in the conference room on the 4th floor of the office building, the company held the second 5S summary and commendation meeting. The heads of various departments, all employees of the manufacturing workshop, marketing department, production department, comprehensive office, and quality control department, Technical department staff representatives attended the meeting.


First of all, consulting expert Mr. Zhang made a comparison before and after the 5S improvement of the blanking workshop, paint booth (part) and forging hardware warehouse from July to September 2019. he gave an in-depth explanation one by one on the warehouse problems, planning layout, completion progress, improvement effect and inventory management and publicized the concept of warehouse management. Secondly, the 5S project team Yu Yu made an in-depth analysis of the 5S problems existing in 10 aspects such as the floor of the manufacturing workshop, products in production, the area outside the yellow line, auxiliary equipment motors, roller racks, tool cabinets, and various lines during the period from July 11 to September 2019, and put forward suggestions for improvement.


Then, the 5S award ceremony was awarded by the company's leaders to the outstanding employees and advanced teams at this stage, and prizes were awarded.


At the end of the meeting, General Manager Wang gave full affirmation to the results of 5S work and stressed the importance of on-site safety management. Chairman Li Zong affirmed the efforts of 5S project team and all staff and looked forward to the future development of Hanyang.




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