October 2019 Tianjin Hanyang New Employee Induction Training

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In order to enable new employees to better understand the company's corporate culture and development process, be familiar with the company's various rules and regulations, and enhance their sense of identity and enthusiasm for the company, the General Office held an induction training for new employees on the afternoon of October 30, 2019.


This training mainly from the company introduction, group introduction, corporate culture and personnel system and other four parts of the new employees were trained. The company introduction part introduces the company's geographical location, company profile, company development history in detail, and shows the typical products manufactured by the company, so that new employees can have a brand-new positioning for the company in terms of space, time and industry development trends. The group introduction mainly explains the core management team, the company's administrative organization structure and quality management system structure, the purpose is to enable new employees to establish a sense of organizational belonging from the enterprise leadership team and management structure. The corporate culture part mainly introduces the company's culture of love for society, customers and employees and the main theme of corporate culture of innovation, hard work, unity and cooperation, and fine dedication. The personnel system part mainly introduces new employees from the aspects of promotion channel, attendance system, salary management, company welfare, etc, focuses on the company's salary management system, so that new employees from the system level to deepen the sense of identity of the enterprise.


The training process was also interspersed with promotional videos of key engineering projects such as the integration of China Science and Technology Refining and Chemical and the integration of Gulei Refining and Chemical, so that new employees can more intuitively understand the company's growth status and development potential, and make them full of the company's development. Confidence and longing. At the same time, Tianjin Hanyang Executive Vice President Chai also trained new employees in terms of career planning and Hanyang's criteria for selecting talents, so that new employees can change their roles more quickly, from social people to Hanyang people, so that they can integrate more into the Hanyang family and keep up with the pace of development of the company.


A good start is half the battle. New employee induction training is an important part of the company's human resource management. Tianjin Hanyang will pay attention to the growth of employees through a gradually improved management training mechanism, so that employees can achieve greater development in the company.




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