The suppression group shall remove rust and improve the blind plate in the suppression area.

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From November 1 to November 6, 2019, under the leadership of the workshop suppression team leader, master Wang shengchang, 210 pressure test blind plates of different specifications and 4 blind plate frames were derusted and painted, and the pressure test blind plates were re-identified. This improvement not only prolongs the service life of the pressure test blind plate, but also greatly reduces the influence of iron ions on stainless steel equipment due to the suppression link.


Since the 5S site management of the production workshop was carried out in April this year, the suppression team has carried out rust removal and improvement work on the blind plates in the suppression area. It is a typical example for the workshop staff to find and solve problems. It has played a positive demonstration role for other employees in the workshop reorganization. I hope we can take the suppression team as an example and work together to find and solve problems in different processes and different specialties, work together to improve the level of site management.




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