Paint booth staff use idle materials to build paint warehouse

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With the continuous progress of 5S improvement, the front-line employees of workshop production have greatly improved their awareness of the division and use of their own work areas. From October 24 to 29, 2019, Xu Qingsong and Liu Peisen, employees of the spray booth, built themselves a warehouse with an area of about 25 ㎡ using the idle area beside the spray booth.


The materials used in the warehouse construction are idle shelves, the remaining barbed wire in the warehouse, and the employees of the paint spraying room design, paint and make identification cards according to the actual needs, which not only ensures the practicability, but also greatly saves the cost of customization, but also increases the storage capacity of the paint spraying room, improves the working environment of the paint spraying room and reduces the potential safety hazards.


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