The 2021 5S, Process Discipline and Safety Inspection Mid-Year Work Summary and Awards Conference Ending

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In order to strengthen the company's standardized management and improve production efficiency, the company has implemented 5S work since the beginning of 2019. With the high attention of the company's leaders and the joint efforts of various departments, it has achieved phased results through more than 2 years of persistence. On June 8, 2021, the company's main leaders, ministers of various departments, professional engineers and all staff of the workshop held a mid-year work summary and award presentation meeting in the company's conference room.

At the meeting, the company leaders made wonderful comments on the overall results of 5S in the production workshop, commended the advanced teams and individuals emerging from 5S management, process discipline and safety inspection, and awarded prizes and bonuses in kind.

General Manager Wang Famin concluded his speech that 2021 is a year of institutionalized management improvement. In this year, let us unite as one, work together, strengthen our faith, make persistent efforts, forge ahead, and work hard. With a broader vision and more persistent efforts, we will stride forward to a higher and farther goal and jointly draw a beautiful blueprint for the development of Hanyang Heavy Industry!






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