Hanyang Heavy Industries organized a delegation to Suzhou to participate in the petrochemical industry and pan-industrial products exhibition

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2021 Yipaike Industrial Products Exhibition and Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Exhibition was held in Suzhou from October 20 to 22. According to China Petrochemical Corporation, this exhibition is China's first pan-industrial product exhibition. With the theme of "low-carbon, intelligent manufacturing, upgrading, and empowerment", it brings together nearly 400 high-tech industries and manufacturing companies. The exhibition area is 35000 square meters, and more than 1,000 core technologies, products and related service categories are exhibited.

During the exhibition, our company's general manager Wang Famin, deputy general manager of marketing Lu Zhaokui, marketing minister Xu Hongwei and other company leaders led a team to visit the relevant industrial exhibition stands to learn about the situation of petrochemical industry enterprises, and came to the industrial e-commerce platforms such as Yipaike and the exhibition stands of large petrochemical enterprises to have extensive and in-depth communication with participating merchants, understand the latest technology and high-end products in the petrochemical industry, and promote Hanyang Heavy Industry, examine new business opportunities for cooperation.

The exhibition also held more than 20 open forums and seminars, such as the theme forum of Yi Pai guest, petrochemical equipment forum, offshore oil and gas engineering technology and equipment forum. The relevant departments and enterprise representatives of our county have deeply participated in various open forums and seminars in combination with the characteristics of the industry and the needs of enterprise development, so as to "charge and store energy" for the high-quality development of the industry and enterprises, and promote the effective docking of various businesses.









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