Dagang Petrochemical Branch to improve the aviation coal supporting facilities project product fractionation tower smooth factory.

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  Dagang Petrochemical Branch to improve the aviation coal supporting facilities project product fractionation tower smooth factory.


Tianjin Hanyang undertook the 400000-ton/year aviation kerf hydrogenation unit of Dagang Petrochemical Company (Dagang Petrochemical) to improve aviation kerf supporting facilities. The product fractionation tower numbered 0329_C101 has a diameter of 1.6 meters, a tower length of 30.35 meters and an overall weight of 31.47 tons. It successfully left the factory on August 24, 2018 after a team was formed outside the workshop.

The project plans to invest 74.04 million yuan to build a "perfect aviation fuel supporting facilities project" in the factory area ". The main construction contents of this project include: building a new 400000-ton/year aviation kerosene hydrogenation unit, covering an area of about 2160 m2; Retrofitting the existing 1 million-ton/year wax oil hydrocracking unit, changing the existing light diesel oil side line to aviation kerosene side line, and supporting the construction of hydrogen sulfide removal adsorption tank, refined aviation kerosene filter and antioxidant injection skid. The raw material source, processing capacity, production process, production conditions and public works consumption of the modified wax oil hydrocracking unit are the same as the current situation; the existing diesel hydrogenation raw material tank farm is modified, and 4 5000m3 vault tanks in the tank farm are transformed into internal floating roof tanks for storing aviation fuel products; a new compressor shed is built in the unit area, and a new aviation fuel export pump shed is built on the north side of the aviation fuel product tank area. After the project is put into operation, the total processing capacity of the construction unit will remain unchanged, with the 400000-ton/year aviation kerosene hydrogenation unit producing 404500 tons/year aviation kerosene and the transformed wax oil hydrocracking unit producing 200000 tons/year aviation kerosene, with a total annual increase of 604500 tons/year aviation kerosene.

In the process of project construction, Tianjin Hanyang works together, cooperates closely, and manages scientifically to ensure that the project is completed on time. Through multi-party coordination, our management personnel and the project owner actively communicate and implement problem solutions. It lays the foundation for the smooth delivery of the aviation coal supporting facilities project and further ensures that the project is delivered on time.



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