Tianjin Hanyang Held Management Work Conference

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Tianjin Hanyang Held Management Work Conference


At 9: 00 a.m. on August 1, a management meeting was held in the conference room on the first floor of Tianjin Hanyang Office. The meeting was presided over by Executive Deputy General Manager Chai Zhigang. General Manager Li Heli, Executive Deputy General Manager Chai Zhigang, Deputy General Manager Sun Wenxu, Deputy General Manager Liu Dongye, Technology Department, Production Department, Marketing Department, Quality Inspection Department and other departments all staff attended the meeting.

The meeting focused on three agendas. First, General Manager Li Heli announced the appointment of Chai Zhigang as the company's executive deputy general manager and Sun Wenxu as the deputy general manager in charge of the workshop. Secondly, they listened to Chai Zhigang, executive deputy general manager, on the daily management of the company, coordinating the cooperation of various departments and making speeches on the four principles of being conducive to safe production, timely delivery, product quality and cost control. Sun Wenxu, deputy general manager, introduced himself and made a speech on the guarantee of time and quality delivery in the workshop.

Finally, General Manager Li Heli made a speech. 2018 is a year of opportunities and challenges for Hanyang. The company has entered a period of rapid development and undertaken key projects of large state-owned enterprises including SEI, such as Zhongan, China and South Korea (Wuhan) and Zhongke. In order to adapt to the market environment, the company is also continuously attracting outstanding talents from the industry. All employees need to unite, establish confidence, implement efficiently, unify their thinking, continue to learn, and continue to grow, and realize self-worth and even life goals through the platform of Hanyang. Hanyang will look at the whole country, through the continuous improvement of the national layout, gradually radiate the good brand influence to the wider market of the country, and achieve continuous breakthroughs in business performance, product quality and brand value by optimizing the production process.



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