China and South Korea (Wuhan) Project Smooth Delivery

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  China and South Korea (Wuhan) Project Smooth Delivery


On May 26, Tianjin Hanyang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Hanyang) and China Petrochemical Engineering Construction Company (hereinafter referred to as SEI) China-South Korea (Wuhan) Project 27000 Tons/Year Pyrolysis Gasoline Extraction Unit, respectively, delivered the C_101C8 cutting tower and C_301 extraction distillation tower to Tanggu Port, arrived at the port on the evening of May 29 for shipment, and recently arrived in Wuhan by sea.

China Petrochemical Corporation and South Korea's SK Company signed a joint venture contract for the Wuhan 800000-ton ethylene project, which is the largest cooperation project between Chinese and South Korean companies in the petrochemical field. The 800000-ton Wuhan ethylene project with a total investment of 16.5 billion billion yuan has been put into full operation, with an annual output of 2.3 million tons of various petrochemical products, including 800000 tons of ethylene, 400000 tons of polypropylene, hydrogen, pyrolysis gasoline and more than 20 varieties.

Tianjin Hanyang and SEI in the process of project construction, unity and cooperation, close cooperation, scientific management, to ensure that the project completed on time. Through multi-party coordination, our management personnel and SEI actively communicate and implement problem solutions. It laid the foundation for the smooth delivery of the China-Korea (Wuhan) project and further ensured that the project was delivered on time.



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