China and South Korea (Wuhan) project C- 101 and C- 301 finished tower smoothly hoisting in place

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  The finished towers C_101 and C_301 of China-Korea (Wuhan) Project were successfully hoisted in place.




On July 14, Tianjin Hanyang Metal Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Hanyang) undertook to manufacture two towers, C_101 and C_301, of the carbon eight units of the China-South Korea (Wuhan) project. According to the original plan, C_101 was hoisted on July 13 and C_301 was hoisted on July 14. After the unity and close cooperation of all the staff on site and scientific construction, the two super-large towers of the China-South Korea (Wuhan) project were successfully and safely in place.

The two towers arrived on June 13, and Tianjin Hanyang cooperated with all construction units on the site to ensure that the towers were in place on schedule. In July, Wuhan was in the rainy season. Tianjin Hanyang Marketing Department overcame the multiple and complex climatic effects of thunderstorms and hot weather for many consecutive days. It took rain-proof and moisture-proof measures, wind-proof and heat-proof measures in the operation process in advance, and completed the workload of various specialties in less than one month, making the site ready for hoisting. All units work together to closely link up the working procedures to seize the time delayed by the weather and arm the two towers from head to toe. Tianjin Hanyang communicated in a timely manner, rationally allocated manpower, equipment, vehicles and other resources, and on-site management personnel conscientiously implemented the construction plan, strictly implemented the construction specifications, cooperated with the owner and supervisor to ensure welding, anti-corrosion, prefabrication, thermal insulation and electrical tower work day and night, and finally completed the tower in place on schedule.

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